Delroy Vaden Williams​


In every step, in every stride, I’ll let the Savior be my guide! His Word, His love, I will embrace, And let His wisdom set the pace. The Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams, was first elected to the Turks & Caicos Legislative Council in April 2003, after contesting the general elections that year as the People’s Democratic Movement Candidate for the eleventh (11th) Electoral District of Blue Hills, Providenciales and won his seat. He was made the Minister of Home Affairs, Local Government, Social Services and National Insurance; becoming the youngest member serving in the Council at that time.

As a result of the petition by the Opposition Progressive National Party for irregularities in the Five Cays Constituency and the South Caicos North Constituency, the courts gave a decision that re-election was to be held in those two constituencies which was held on August 7th 2003; this resulted in him vacating his position as a minister in the newly elected government.

As the them current member of the Legislative Council, Hon. Williams sat on the administration committee, one of five standing committees of the council. During the time he has served as a member of the Executive Council, the term held by the People’s Democratic Movement Administration, he has attended while serving as Minister, a seminar for the Caribbean Postal Union, in 2003 held in the Cayman Islands. He has also attended the Fiftieth (50th) Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association held in Quebec and Toronto, Canada in 2004, as a member of the local C.P.A. Branch.Hon. Williams was re-elected in November 2012, as the People’s Democratic Movement Candidate for the tenth (10) Electoral District of Wheeland, NorthWest Central and West Caicos making him the first elected member for the new District, Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams currently serve as a member of the Public Accounts Committee, a member of the House Committee and newly elected accountant for the Turks and Caicos islands (local) Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams is the sixth child, and fourth son to Henry Nathaniel Williams and Cecelia Louise Swann-Williams, of Wheeland, Providenciales, both of whom were the former proprietors of the well-known “Henry’s Road Runners’ Restaurant and Henry’s Seafood Market”. The Hon. Mr. Williams was born on March 16th, 1971 in a family of five boys and two girls. Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams is married to the former Miss. Patrice Georgina Cunningham; she is the daughter of local taxi-driver George Cunningham and Eulease Brooks, a Certified State Midwife at Doctor’s Hospital, in Nassau, Bahamas. The couple has two sons: Errol and Vaden Delroy Jnr.




  • Small business to be revitalized
  • A meeting place for recreational purposes for senior citizens
  • To continue to pushing for the betterment of roads and more lights within our Constituency 
  • To have our police post open 24hrs (with police petrol throughout the constituency)
  • Development of a bird sanctuary in the wheeland pond thus being tourists into the area for bird watching, thus being much need help to business in the area
  • Craft market: Crafts, souvenirs design and manufacturing from locally made items, i.e. jewelry, grift boxes, straws items etc. these market can be operated by a few of our senior citizens


major accomplishments

  • The Millennium Highway Lighting project (where there was light install form the Maratha high school to amaraya Road and into phase II
  • The Bay Road lighting project (where light install on that Road for dark areas)
  • Road Works within the community
  • Liney road upgrade and lighting
  • Together with corporate sponsored and members of the communities the cleaning of the wheeland pond, the cleaning of garbage of the streets, cleaning of the court in phase one (this cleaning and clearing of the brushes on both courts is monthly)
  • Raise awareness of crime in the area, therefore being about a police post for wheeland, unfortunate this PNP Government refuse to put the man power in place so it can be open to protect my people: but that will be fix!
  • Raise Awareness to the disparities between the salaries of a Local directors verse those directors from overseas
  • Raise awareness of the state of Government Buildings especially The Post Office in Providenciales, the Education Department Office Grand Turk, Our House of Assembly, the water problems in Grand Turk, the need for an alternative Road out of Blue Hills and Wheeland
  • Raise the awareness and concerns over the charge for Status Card and voters registration and appeal for no fee to be charges for first time registrations
  • Brought awareness to the issue of sink holes and the many complaints brought by the residents of the Priton homes Development, and visited some affected priton Homes and sink Holes alone with the Governor and Leader of Opposition, also visited a possible tourist attraction (Pond in wheeland )
  • Refurbishment of the Wheeland Court now the Kareem Walkin Basketball Court (This was done alone with corporate sponsored also regular cleanup and printing of the court in phase I


After leaving school, in August of 1989, the Hon. Mr. Williams, enjoyed a short stint with BCQS; working as an assistant to a quantity surveyor on a temporary basis; before taking a new appointment with Dempsey O’Neill & Company in October of 1989; where he has worked as the company’s accountant until the General Elections in April 2003

Along with his older brother Gordon Williams; The Hon Williams has purchased, own and manages “Freight Water Services Limited” since 1990, he saw the need for a centre to house local activities such as concerts, wedding etc, November 2000 he began construction of a multi-purposes building, which was officially opened in July 2001; “The Williams’ Auditorium”, in 2003 he again open a Equipment Rental Company Called “E&V Equipment Limited” he also owns/Managers Georgine’s Rest ,Turks And Caicos Collections & Management Services Ltd, and Fountain Tours Limited

The Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams has among his lists of extracurricular Activities:-– A member of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Tourist Board, 2001-2002– Chairperson, the Immigration Board 2001-2002, the Turks and Caicos Islands Government– A Member of Crime Stoppers Association, 2002 the Providenciales Branch – Very pleasing and interesting ideologies in political issues, music, dancing and fishing among other church and community based activities.