Ezra Taylor


Ezra R. T. Taylor is a proud Turks and Caicos Islander, born on the island of Grand Turk, March 19, 1972. He is the third Child Of Mrs. Betty – of south Backsalina. He and is siblings grew up just next to the Parade school ground, where they were naturally engulfed in all the sporting and community activities of the school and community. He is the proud father of 4 children, a responsibility he takes very seriously, and has committed himself to making life worthwhile and meaningful for them. this attribute he extends to the youth of the communities of the Turks and Caicos, as he, over the many years have worked with the youth in sports and other activities, as he seeks to be


Installation of CCTV in Ed 5


– Certified Hospitality Supervisor American Hotel & Lodging 2016
– Management & Leadership Training, Ketter Development 2013
– Strategic Management Training T.C.I.G 2007
– Certified Customs Officer, Crown Agents 1990
– Helena J Robinson High School 1983-1988


– Purchasing and Logistics Manager, COMO Parrot Cay 2013 – Present
– Assistant Collector of Customs, T.C.I.G 1989-2012


exemplary for the in our country, in employment, sports, community and family life. His greatest desire is to create a path that would enable the youth to develop into outstanding citizens of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the world at large.

Ezra was educated at the H. J. Robinson High School in Grand Turk. Immediately after his graduation in 1988, he joined the Public Service as a customs officer, a career spanning more than twenty two years. His personal and professional characteristics coupled with his desire to excel, propelled him up through the ranks in the customs department and afforded him the opportunity to becoming the Assistant Collector of customs. His career as customs officer was enhanced and encouraged through developmental opportunities and participation in numerous workshops, seminars and training exercises. With a rich background in management and customer relations, Ezra has committed to becoming of service to the people of the Turks & Caicos, through a direct involvement in politics.

Ezra unsuccessfully contested the elections in 2012, but has committed himself to the course and there after took on the responsibility of caretaker of election district #5. This is the only district, over the past 4 years where activities were persistent and continuous. As caretaker, he organized, with his team, clean-up campaign; He designed and sought approval for the erecting of bus stops in the communities: He organized consistent cleaning of the beach at long Bay in the vicinity of shore club.

His mission for the district and by extension the Turks & Caicos Islands, is to positively impact the safety of the peoples in the community, to ensure that the community assets are protected, the environment remains pristine , there are recreational facilities for the communities children and young people, the infrastructure of the communities are properly maintained and more importantly there is meaningful and intentional representation of the people of the Turks & Caicos Islands. it is for this course, that Ezra has remained steadfast in his efforts to becoming the representer of the communities of Leeward and Long Bay.


– Construction of a Bus Stop in the Leeward Palms Community
– Donation of Picnic Benches on Long Bay Beach
– Community Crime Prevention Walk Thru with the Community Police Officer
– Community Cleanup Campaign


"A patriotic Turks and Caicos Islander, who has a fervent belief in creating the best opportunities for his fellow citizens, a humble person and a servant leader."
"A person who believes in community focused development to foster greater cohesiveness among residents."
"A person who is a sport enthusiast and believe in the national, and community level sport development to create opportunity for our youth."
"A man with a strong commitment to family, country and community."