Goldray M Ewing​


After high school Goldray joined the workforce where he engaged in construction for two years is a carpenter, He was also employed with the Turks and Caicos water company for three years as a quality control technician. Later on, he join a water sports company where he master the art of wind surfing and in 1987 join the Shell Aviation company (shell Bahamas Ltd.) In 2012 Goldray ran for the constituency of Bluetiful Blue Hills and won, this made him a member of the House of Assembly official opposition, because his party did not garner enough seats to make the government.


1. Rezoning of Blue Hills to accommodate Hotels and commercial developments

2. Develop three connecting roads joining millennium highway with Blue Hills Bay Road ; the development of an alternative road from millennium highway Into Down Town or Airport Road.

3. Beautification of Blue Hills Bay Road with Board walk on the beach side, Street lights and patriotic flags supports for both millennium highway and the front bay road.

4. Development of sport programs and Sporting facilities for the youth of Blue Hills

5. The relocating of Fortis TCI power lines and poles from the beach side of the road to the other side of the road.

6. The development of a farmer Corp. And Blue Hills community back yard farming with a special selective crop produce. Soil, fertilizer and technical assistance will be provided.

7. Cleaning of Blue Hills beach on a monthly basis of dead dry sea weed , trash and debris (using contracting services with the correct type of equipment)

8. Improve infrastructures such as, extension of the primary health care services / clinic and schools in the Blue Hills community.

National objectives: National Agenda for the country, this could be used is a road map with an out reach of 30 years. This will unified and prioritize our national issues, prioritize and strategize our National Development Plans such as, the Deep water harbor in South Caicos and the construction of an express highway joining the Caicos Islands, this could very well be the main catalyst to a sustainable development in the country; Making amendments to the Reserved Business activities ordinance to provide protection to Turks and Caicos Islanders, as well is adding additional categories of Reserved businesses to the schedule; Enhanting the fishing industry by rotating the Mouchoir bank in tendon with the Turks bank and the Caicos bank. Investing in fish farming, fish feed from byproducts of conch and lobster as well is running (FIP) fisheries improvement programs to improve the reproduction process of conch and lobsters in the wild; The establishment of a special Coast Guard border patrol unit to protect our borders and fishing industry from poachers, drugs smuggling and human trafficking; Legislate Biometrics and Surveillance laws to assist in identifying persons and as well is fighting Crime, especially if the country is going to be physically connected by road structures; The rebirth of the salt industry. Salt is a mineral and all mineral wealth belong to the crown, so this industry can not be privatized or one hundred percent privatized. I do believe that our statutory bodies such as national trust, could help in the management of such operation with the profits going to the National Reserve.


Goldray acquired his early childhood education at the Blue Hills primary school, now named the Oseta Jolly Primary school, later he attended the HJ Robinson high school in Grand Turk Goldray was one of the first set of students who begin taking external examination at third grade and received a few passes in the “O Level” London GCE. On completing five years of high school he received a second class diploma.




Unable to obtain a scholarship from the ministry of education to further his education and earn a career, Goldray join the work force where he excel when given the opportunity to work for a large cooperation like Shell International Aviation department. This opportunity gave him the chance of a life time to improve himself in every area of the aviation industry. It was indeed a challenging time balancing training and active duty at work, the main reason for this was because he was the Aviation supervisor with no one at the time to supervise, so the daily work load was left to him even on weekends and when he is away on training. But the experience and knowledge gain was like attending a college or university, and in some cases surpassed. Attending seminars and courses in every area of the operation, has prepared him to meet the challenges of today. Goldray eventually became the aviation manager responsible for point of sale for the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Airports. In 2005 Goldray started his own Aviation fueling company called ACE AVIATION LTD. He was the best at what he do, there was a great demand and business opportunities in the area of Aviation. The company was very successful up to 2008 – 2009 when Aviation policy stop all small and medium size aircrafts from being refuel on the airport main apron. Giving rise to the FBO operation.


Major accomplishments Seven motions and one bill was brought to the house of Assembly, including these two motions that saw some type of action, The suspension of the pelagic fishing study through long line method, and the investigation by a select committee of the House into the TC-Invest none performance loans that was sold to Tolco.


Debbie Williams Hurdle - "After looking at all the candidates and their political Agenda for this upcoming election, I’m confident that the Hon. Goldray Ewing is the best candidate for the Blue Hills constituency. He has a transcending Agenda that covers constituency and national issues, such as how do we target local Turks and Caicos Islanders to obtain wealth, mobilization of domestic revenue, National economic plan foreign direct investment , maritime affairs and public transportation policy to serve our transportation needs. To experience a positive difference, VOTE ❎ for Hon. Goldray and the PDM."

Marsha Walkin Simmons - "I want to go on record by endorsing Hon Goldray Ewing for the constituency of Blue Hills, Goldray has represented his constituency of Blue Hills in the past four years extremely well, he brought hope and compassion to the people of his community, he is trustworthy and helpful to everyone, because he love his people. Goldray need your help (VOTE) to bring about the positive changes that this country needs. So vote Goldray and the PDM in the upcoming election."

Cyril (Heart) Archibold Capron - "I am endorsing Hon Goldray Ewing because he is honest, reliable, hard working and he comes with a plan for his constituency as well is the Turks and Caicos at large. He is going to organize our community, protect our borders, beautify our constituency and exploit the TCI competitive advantages to make us a better country , so if you are catching hell , start ringing your bell and support and vote for the Hon Goldray and the PDM."

Majorie Ewing Bassett "Rezoning of Blue Hills , beautification of Blue Hills Bay Road, development of a farmer Corp., alternative road out of Blue Hills and improvements of infrastructure and extension of primary health care services /clinic made me absolutely confident that the Hon Goldray is the best candidate for Blue Hills, further more his vision to chart a course into the future by the development and implementation of a National development plan, that will guide us as a road map for the next 30 years, is a good enough reason for all of us to vote for the man with a plan. Vote Hon Goldray Ewing and the PDM."

From 2012 to 2016 Goldray brought a bill and seven motions to the floor of the House of Assembly, every motion passed with a resolution of the House. The daring one of all was the very first one. National Agenda, this was suppose to unified the way forward with a National Agenda through a National symposium to obtain and encourage optimum participation in discussing and building consensus on a recommended prioritized Agenda.