Hon. Douglas Parnell​


In a world of dramatic and profound change Doug Parnell has been able to assist in growing business and organizations to new levels. He has been at the forefront of numerous sales and business development efforts. He honed his sales skills at King Schools under the direction of John and Martha King’s outside sales force headed by Bob Gephardt. The challenge presented to telecoms after the 1996 deregulation of the telecommunications industry in the United States was daunting. While working as an Area Sales manager for Phoneware-the largest agent for GTE- he met and conquered the out of franchise territory while training a sales force of over 300 persons.


  • Economic Change.
  • Community Redevelopment.
  • Safety & Security.
  • Crown Land Reform.


These will be achieved by the following plans:


1. Access to income earning opportunities that promote self-employment

2. Family assistance program to provide needed financial help

3. Proper housing and shelter opportunities to the most vulnerable


Encourage Turks & Caicos Islanders to Build Businesses - Every Turks and Caicos Islander should have an opportunity to have his or her own business:

1. Provide skills training to equip individual entrepreneurs

2. Regulate business environment to have a level playing field for all participants

3. Develop programs to access capital for major investment



1. Proper infrastructure - roads, fire hydrants, lights, utilities, running water.

2. Access to Daycare, school, library, parks and playgrounds, community center and clinic and police post in every community

3. Central place of security for safety

4. Employment, skills training and promotion for Turks and Caicos Islanders.

5. Youth empowerment programs.

6. Beautification projects.

7. Creation of business opportunities.

8. Infrastructural upgrades – Support to shing cooperative.


San Diego Mesa College 1991-1993 Business Administration

University of Phoenix- 2004 studied business administration


1994- King Schools. Salesman 

1996- PhoneWare- Area Manager 

1998- 2016- American Business Center, Lucayan Group of Companies, Provo Buidling Supply, Cay Supply, Parthenon Ventures, Parco Merged Media, Founder/Owner/Director/Business Development/Developer/ Entreprenuer and Business Owner


Private Sector: President Providenciales Chamber of Commerce 2005-2007 Negotiated agreements with major multinational corporations such as ACE and Western Union, Hilton, AmResorts. Spearheaded financing and acquisitions of Provo Building Supply, development land and developed downtown commercial building for grocery store tenant. Public Sector: Led largest demonstration in TCI history to stop British takeover of constitutional rights. Led the charge to scrutinized hospitals contract. Led major mission to the UK Government to bring financial relief during interim administration. Commissioned bi-partisan constitution review body during the Interim administration independent of British-led constitution review.


a bold, fearless, courageous, giant of a man and fighter........ you never cease to inspire, motivate and articulate your deep love for country and fellowmen.

Though the challenges of new territories were exciting and rewarding Doug made a decision to become an entrepreneur in October of 1998 forming the company American Business Center Inc. Using his contacts in business the company acted as a consultant and referral agent to various start up companies. That fateful decision saw him looking to his home country Turks and Caicos Islands for development and business opportunities. There he met Tanya Lightbourne who founded Lucayan Ventures Limited and it was here that he met his business and marital match with Tanya and Lucayan. He took on the role of business development and along with his wife has seen the company to new heights, spearheading the acquisition of beachfront land, negotiating the franchise for the largest money transfer in the world for Turks and Caicos Islands territory and acquiring Provo Building Supply, the oldest hardware store in Providenciales. He has served as President of the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce 2005-2007. As Chamber President he grew the organization to over 165 members, participated with Government on various issues affecting the business community, played an active role in the National Development Plan sitting on various committees and consulted with business leaders and groups around the Caribbean region. He attended Mesa College in San Diego and the University of Phoenix Online. He is constantly seeking to enhance private sector development, grow young entrepreneurs into a life of business and enrich the lives of people in his community. The Lucayan Group of companies is active and maintains a strong position in the local economy. The company imports over 6 million annually from the United States of America. He acted as Host for the discontinued popular Television show The Hardline for 18 months. He is married to Tanya Lightbourne-Parnell they have four children Alejandra, Abigail, George Douglas and Adelaide along with Alejah from a previous relationship.