Josephine COnnolly


Born on the Island of Salt Cay, Josephine was brought up with the values instilled in her by her hard working parents Alexander and Ruthpine Smith. With Alexander Smith representing Salt Cay in the local legislature, politics was always a topic of discussion in the Smith household.

In the late seventies the family moved to Grand Turk and Josephine continued her education at Grand Turk High School, as it was then known. At sixteen her working life began with a job as supply clerk at Pan-Am base, with the closure of the base she moved on to be the corporate administrator at a Trust Company on Grand Turk. 



Immigration is broken.

It discourages inward investment, and it leave TCI’s as if they have been overlooked. It does not deter illegal workers and many simply ignore the law.

Labour does not have the information to enable them to assist TCI’s to get jobs. The immigration department is drowning in paper. The form was 4 pages is now 16 ! thanks to the PNP government.

We need to start with a blank piece of paper throw out the old ways and do things completely different.

I believe we need to move towards a web-based application process for all work permits. There should be a simple and straightforward application process and the applicants should be able to follow the progress of their application on line. The process should aim to become paperless except for the identity card.

It is important that the process is simplified and transparent. It is also important that every person is treated the same.

My suggestion would be based round an identity card that every resident would be required to have.

Much of this information is already available although not checked on the NHIP database. The rest is available in Hard copy in the immigration

department, but if my suggestion of a paperless work permit application was used then it would simply be a question of merging the information.

This info would be updated in real time by the government departments and any police, immigration office would be entitled to check the card against the database.


Crime is everybody’s problem.

Your PDM government will prioritize investment in the police force to impact and decrease the level of crime in our community.


We need to increase civil service salaries and reinstate the gratuities. In exchange we need to improve efficiencies and expect more of our civil servants.


The cost of living in this country is one of the highest in the Caribbean. Your PDM government will be committed to decreasing the cost of living for every Turks & Caicos Islander. The monopolies such as the power company, the water company and the stevedoring company must be reviewed by a strong regulatory authority committed to seeing cuts that will translate to a decrease in costs for every Turks & Caicos Islander. The duty rates on essential items need to be zero rated which again will translate into a decrease in costs for every Turks & Caicos Islander.


The Hospital contract needs to be stripped of its mystery. We are paying for it so we need to know what we are paying for. Your PDM government is committed to reviewing the contract with a view to getting more at a decreased cost.



2010 - BSC in management & politics.  MSC in human resource management - University of Central Lancashire




In 2011 Josephine incorporated Connolly Productions which now runs the radio station 88.1 smooth FM. Although one of the newer stations in Turks & Caicos, the Connolly Productions team has been successful in attracting the Governor and political leaders to discuss the important issues of the day.


In 2000 Josephine opened up Connolly Motors Ltd which became the Kia distributer for the Turks & Caicos Islands. The rapidly expanding popularity of the Kia cars has meant that Connolly Motors is now one of the most successful distributors on the Islands.

In 2002 Josephine was co-founder and subsequently director of Connolly Zahm Properties Ltd, a prominent real estate company which eventually merged with Sotheby’s.

Between 2004 and 2010 Josephine attended the University of Central Lancashire, obtaining a BSc in Management and Politics and MSc in Human Resource Management.

In 2011 Josephine incorporated Connolly Productions which now runs the radio station 88.7 JAMZ. Although one of the newer stations in Turks & Caicos, the Connolly Productions team has been successful in attracting the Governor and political leaders to discuss the important issues of the day.

In July 2012 Josephine was chosen to run as an all Island candidate for the Peoples Democratic Movement. On November 9th 2012 she was elected as one of the five all Island members of the House of Assembly and subsequently was elected as Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. She is also the Shadow Minister of Sports and social services.

In the House of Assembly Josephine has been vocal in her opposition to the introduction of new taxes such as VAT and payroll tax. She has also championed the cause of building a trade school and of reducing government waste such as the payments to the civil recovery legal team.

Josephine has been active in assisting her community both thru her charitable activities as patron of the Cancer Society, an organiser of “in the pink”, as a motivational speaker and by helping individual members of her community finding work or in many other ways.

Josephine has been married for twenty-four years and has two grown children. She is President of the Girl Guides Association, patron of the Soroptimists, a member of the Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association (TACREA) and a member of the Certified Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD).


During this period she continued her education with Ms Lilith Allen at the Turks and Caicos Business College. In 1991 on moving to Providenciales Josephine opened up Tropical Auto Rentals in the Grace Bay area. Starting with 5 cars, but quickly expanding the fleet of over 50, the car rental company has been successful for over 20 years.

Anticipating the need for office space in the Grace Bay area, Tropicana Plaza Phase I was built in 1995 under Josephine’s direction with the help of local builder and personality, Sam Lightbourne, the same team completing Phase II in 1999. The 8,000 square foot office complex at the entrance to Grace Bay is home to a number of businesses including, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Tropical Auto Rentals.