Karen Evadine Malcolm


Karen was born on August 13th, 1963 at the family home on Murray Road, Back Salina, Grand Turk. The tenth of twelve children ( eight girls and four boys) born to Alexander and Ida Adams (deceased). At eight years old her mother died at a relatively young age and Karen along with a sister were sent to live with her eldest sister Virginia and her husband in the Bahamas. At the age of twelve she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour at Hawksbill Church of God in Freeport, Grand Bahamas. She attended Hawksbill High and R.M.Bailey High in Nassau Bahamas, where she was honored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for Academic Excellence for obtaining 4.2 G.P.A.


Child and Youth Development: 

Ensure all children have a sound foundation by providing the necessary tools to read, write and count by age five. Mandatory for all TC Islander student to learn / speak a second language (Spanish / French) After school programs to assist with homework and social development (character building). Safe and friendly environment for creating good relationships. Each Constituency should work toward this goal. Solicit retired teachers to volunteer three hours each week day. Sports and culture should be paramount in the development of our youth. Establish sport and cultural programs and facilities to enhance morals, respect, discipline, self esteem and National pride in our Youth. Higher educational opportunities for all students to First degree level and continuous training for those who choose to join the work force, thereafter. Establish a much needed Hotel & Vocational Training College.

Employment Opportunities for Turks and Caicos Islanders:

Turks and Caicos Islanders should be given first preference for jobs. Where they do not have skills , training should be mandatory to facilitate TC Islander. All unemployed persons must register with the Labour Dept. The Labour Dept must develop a skill inventory and succession planning for TC Islanders. If labor clearance is granted, stipulation must be TC Islander be trained to fill the post within 12-24 months. Ongoing training should equip TC Islanders for upward mobility to provide the best service and efficiency possible within TCI.

Violence against Women & Children:

Children's safety is paramount, parents/ guardians, guidance counselors and teachers should ensure that no child is affected by violence. Violence should not be tolerated in any form; stif penalties will be enforced. Sexual offenders should spend no less than 25 to life in prison. A safe home should be established to housed and counsel those affected by domestic violence. Provide training for those in need so that they can become productive citizens. 


Increase man power to establish Police presence in neighborhood to foster relationships with residences. Engage retired police officer to assist in prevention techniques. Neighborhood watches to be implemented in all constituencies and work in collaboration with the Police Dept. " Fighting Crime.... Together We Win" Neighborhood watch groups should hold monthly meetings to get updates and implement new strategies when necessary to fight crime. Refuse to turn a blind eye to crime in your communities. Installation of CCTV at strategic locations should be mandatory for business places to assist in combating crime.

Health Care and Social Welfare:

Establish a National Program to promote healthy life style in children 8-16 yrs include in Primary and High School Clubs. An increase in communicable disease over the past two decades have affected our population, much emphasis will be placed on prevention rather than cure Primary Health Care and Social Development should develop a program for youths 12- 18 yrs and visit school and churches bi-annually to do screening for hypertension and diabetes. Establish a meeting place for the elderly where they can interact and socialize with each other and feel a part of our communities. All Senior Citizen and children should have access to FREE health care.


Graduated from R.M Bailey Senior High School in Nassau, Bahamas 1980 Turks and Caicos Islands Community College 2000-2001


Worked 1982-1997 , The Bank of Nova Scotia, Senior Operations Officer 1997-2001 Provo Water Company, Customer Services Supervisor 2001-Present Building Materials Ltd, Assistant Accountant


Co - Founder & President of Turks and Caicos Heart Foundation Inc. Past President Soroptimist International Club of Providenciales. First District Youth Director for the NewTestament Church of God, Providenciales and North Caicos District. Past President New Testament Women Ministry, Providenciales. Past Treasurer of Soroptimist International Caribbean Network (SICN) Past President National Drug Council Providenciales. Present Treasurer Soroptimist International Club, Providenciales.


Many persons have express their delight that I have made the bold step in offering myself for service to my Country. Over all I have received positive responses and promises of full support for the entire PDM team.

Academic Excellence for obtaining 4.2 G.P.A. She was the first Turks and Caicos Islander hired by the Bank of Nova Scotia Bahamas, where she received her formal training at the main branch in Nassau, prior to the branch opening in Turks and Caicos in 1982. Karen worked in her church all her adult life as Choir Director,Sunday School Teach and Superintendent , Youth Leader, Usher and Women's Ministry President. She has also served on boards on Non- Governmental Organization, she is President and Co- Founder of the Turks and Caicos Heart Foundation, Immediate Past President Soroptimist International of Providenciales, Past Treasurer Soroptimist International Caribbean Network(SICN) and present Treasurer of Soroptimist International Providenciales. She is married to the handsome Walter St. John Malcolm aka Gummy and together they are the proud parents of five children and two grand children.