Robert Antonio Been​


On December 1, 1986, Robert Antonio Been, also known as “RA”, “Bobby” and Robert Been Jr., was born in Nassau, Bahamas to Sharon Ann Butler-Been, and the late Robert Alexander Been (also known as “Robbie” or Robert Been Snr). Shortly after his birth, his parents returned to Providenciales, where Bobby was raised for the remainder of his life. Bobby is the second eldest, but eldest son of five children born to Robbie and Sharon. Robbie was born in Grand Turk, TCI to Franklin Perry Missick and Julia Smith-Been. Sharon was born in Nassau Bahamas to Matthew Butler and Shirley Rigby-Adderley. She is the grand daughter to the late, great Sir Milo Butler – the first



  • Implementation of CCTVs
  • Implementation of improved investigative techniques like a forensic lab

  • Increased police presence
  • Attractive pay and benefits for new recruits
  • Better communication of crime to the public
  • Improved rapport of police to public


  • Increased scholarships to push Master’s degrees
  • Trade school to develop non-traditional talents in blue-collar careers, sports, dance, music, art, etc.
  • Better subsidy for sports talent and organizations
  • Strategic student placements for degree programs
  • Mandatory private sector employment and summer training programs for high schoolers
  • Revamp and review TCICC offerings for more sophisticated hospitality degree programs

  • More fun, positive recreational options (i.e pool tables, skating rinks, bowling alley, etc.)

  • Encourage entrepreneurial initiatives for youth recreational facilities and ensure they are safe


  • Revision of cost of living and salary earnings, especially for single mothers
  • Assistance to many living at or below poverty lines i.e. food stamps Consumer Protection
  • Implementation of Best Practises and equitable treatment for the protection of consumers and the business community
  • State of the Art IT systems in government for greater efficiency 
  • Implementation of Price & Quality Control


  • More seminars on work ethics
  • Mandatory programs for tourism sector to provide certifications and knowledge of the islands and its history


  • Diversification of the nation’s economy
  • Introduction of Ecotourism and Agriculture
  • Marketing of local products abroad 


UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, 2010, LLB Successfully obtained Law Degree SHAW UNIVERSITY, RALIEGH, NORTH CAROLINA, 2008, BACHELOR’S IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE On the Dean’s List, awarded “Who Among Who’s” award for two years, obtained a bronze medal and bronze pin for excellence in his field. CLEMENT HOWELL HIGH SCHOOL, PROVIDENCIALES, TCI, 2004 Successfully obtained high school diploma


2014 to Present Turquoise Point TCI Ltd., Director Rental of commercial and residential units 2014 to Present Been’s Global Ltd., Owner Group of Companies including being a Western Union Agent, barbershop, beverage and dry snack retail store, gaming entertainment and shareholding in the local pawn shop 2011 to 2014 Cellular Pro TCI, Owner Rental, repair and retail sales of cellphones and cellphone accessories, laptops, DVD players and other electronics 2008 to 2011 Blue Rhino / Karam & Missick Attorneys At Law Worked as an understudy to attorney, Peter Karam, who specializes in real estate transactions, as well as commercial, corporate and foreign tax laws Mr. Been was known since high school to be a clever businessman by initiating a few small businesses including a car wash and candy store.


Being a God-fearing, educated black family man with strong leadership skills and who is respected in his community. Opening and successfully operating several of his own businesses including being officially deemed a Western Union agent in Down Town, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands in August 2016 JUNE 2016 Being named one of the successful At Large Candidates for the People's Democratic Movement at the age of 29. This major accomplishment will allow Robert to fulfill a life long dream of serving his country through politics. Since this candidacy, Robert has had the privilege of travelling to many islands of the Turks and Caicos Islands to attend town hall meetings with the PDM party, support other oncoming candidates and most importantly, to speak directly to its citizens. Robert's strategy is to get on their level so they voice their concerns freely, and in a real way. This has allowed Robert to create a comprehensive platform that tackles issues on a general scale for the country, and those that are unique to each island. In 2010, successfully obtaining my law degree. In 2008, successfully obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.


Dolores Conolly, Notary Public & Marriage Officer: I wasn’t going to vote this time, but now that Bobby is on the ticket, I have to go. I fully support and endorse Mr Robert Been Jr as a candidate !”

Bahamian Governor General of The Bahamas. Robbie has always been a staunch supporter of the PDM party, being very instrumental in the building of its headquarters, successfully campaigning for other members of the party, donating to party campaigns and had began his own campaigning with the expectation to run in the 2016 elections. Both Sharon and Robbie have been well-known in the community to be givers – always willing to assist many people in need. Bobby grew up attending Paradise Baptist Church with his mother and four siblings, Shayvonne (now a Doctor), Shanique (now an aspiring attorney), Roshawn (an aspiring Accountant) and Sharika Been (high schooler), where he was an active part of that’s church’s Youth choir. The family moved onto attending Abundant Life Ministries later, where the majority remain to date. Although Robbie visited these churches with his family, he remained a member of St. Monica’s Anglican Church. Bobby also has six other siblings by his father, Bridgette, Shaquarse, Trimaine, Robinique, Roberto and Robert Missick-Been. Bobby started his primary school education at Ashcroft Primary School then he moved onto Enid Capron Primary School in Five Cays where he grew up most of his young life. After this, he attended Richmond Hill Preparatory School, which was instrumental in helping him refocus his life. He graduated with his high school diploma from the Clement Howell High School in 2004. It was here that his entrepreneurial skills budded with the start of a few small businesses including the sale of snacks and sweets and a car wash. His classmates dubbed him “Fresh” for the pride he always took in his appearance. Shortly after graduating, Bobby partly completed a course to obtain a real estate license in Miami, Florida in 2004. He then headed off to begin his studies to successfully obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008. Bobby excelled at Shaw University by earning his way onto the Dean’s List, being awarded the “Who Among Who’s” Award for two years, obtaining a bronze medal as well as the bronze pin in his field. While attending Shaw, Bobby welcomed his first daughter, Ashley Janae Been, into the world in 2007. His career pursuits and young age did not deter him from ensuring he did an excellent job at his new role as a father. During his summer breaks he would travel back to Turks and Caicos to gain valuable legal work experience with local attorney, Peter Karam, in his company, Blue Rhino, which later morphed into what is known today as Karam & Missick. It is this experience that Bobby found his passion in corporate, commercial and real estate law, instead of the courtroom. Bobby was accepted to the prestigious University of Leeds in the UK and successfully obtained his LLB in Law in July 2010. He returned home and initially restarted with Karam & Missick, before returning to begin his LPC course, but was inspired to start a number of his own businesses, including Trillion Corp, Cellular Pro TCI and Premium Cuts Barbershop. He also started as a Manager in Cashwiz TCI and is now a shareholder– taking over from his father. In April 2013, Bobby welcomed his second daughter into the world, Ta’liyah Dior Been, with his girlfriend of two years, Tanya Northeast. The two married five months later. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from The College of The Bahamas where she made a tremendous positive impact for youth, and earned the Excellence in Leadership Award. She is highly experienced and professionally certified in Company Law Practise and Administration, as well as in Compliance, Small Business Management and Marketing. March 4, 2014 was a night that changed Bobby’s life forever when his father was fatally shot behind his commercial plaza. Despite his desperate attempt to save his father by driving him to the hospital alone, it was confirmed that his father has already succumbed to his injuries. The case remains unsolved to date. In the face of intense grief, Bobby managed to push on, and stepped up to the plate to carry on his father’s business legacy and role in his family. He now fully manages his father’s companies, and has started Been’s Global with his mother.